Shab e barat – the 15th Chaabane

Shab e barat 2021

Shab e barat 2021 is also known as laylat al baraat is the night of the half of the month of Chaabe which will take place on the night of 03/29/2021 (15 chaabane).

What is shab e barat in Islam

The night of half of Chaabane also known as laylat barat and the night that God changed the direction of the Qibla from Al Aqsa Mosque to Mec. “Certainly we see you turning your face in all directions in the sky. We therefore direct you in a direction that pleases you. So turn your face towards the Sacred Mosque. »Al Bakara verse 143. It is also the night when many Muslims think that God comes down to forgive all believers.

The day of 14 Chaabe is fasted by many Muslims (mostly Shia) and the night prayer of 15 Chaabane is recommended. We are talking about a hundred rakarates.

Sunni Perspective

Sunni people regard the night of Shab e barat as an ordinary evening, neither fasting nor specific prayer is recommended by Sunni scholars. Imam Nawawi says “The prayer of half of Chaabe is an invented prayer. All the hadiths which speak of this night without false and without foundation even if they have been taken up in many books like the book of Al Ghazali ‘Ihya Ouloum Adine‘ “.

Neither the Prophet Mohamed, peace be upon him, nor his companions celebrated Laylet el barat, this new tradition came to life one hundred years after the death of the Prophet in the region of Chem (Syria, Lebanon), by the Tabii Khalid Ben Midane and others.

Should we fast shab e barat

There is no obligation to do so but it is a tradition of the Prophet of Islam to fast on white days (Ayem el Bide) and the night of half of Chaabane is one of these days. We can fast this day as a white day.

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