Primark bans its break rooms for Muslim employees on Ramadan

Lately,Islamophobic acts continue in France . This time it’s the ready-to-wear brand Primark that bans break rooms for Muslim employees who fast during Ramadan.

Indeed, on April 16, the CGT Commerce and Services federation issued a press release denouncing an Islamophobic measure taken by the management of Primark France. To prepare for the reopening of stores, employees will therefore have to come and work in stores closed to the public from April 26. However, the management has taken care to insist on one specific measure : the break room will be “reserved only for those who have lunch”. It is understood by this that employees who fast do not have the right to access it. indeniable discrimination against Muslim workers who have just started Ramadan.

According to the CGT, management went “so far as to justify this measure by the fact that they are not supposed to watch other employees have lunch while they are fasting .” In reality, the intention is clear: exclude workers from a break room because of their faith.

For the CGT these “measures and remarks are purely scandalous. The company’s CGT elected officials will do their utmost to denounce and put an end to this shameful discrimination “.

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