In Dubai, non-Muslims can eat without hiding during Ramadan

Dubai’s restaurants serving food during Ramadan fasting hours, are no longer required to hide behind curtains. The decision was taken and announced by the authorities of the Gulf Emirate.

The city-state, whose economy is largely based on services, recreation and tourism, has sought to revive these sectors even during the Covid-19 pandemic. knowing that more than 90% of its inhabitants are foreigners, many of whom are not Muslims .

“Dubai restaurants can choose whether or not to place curtains or cover their facades to serve food during fasting hours,” the Dubai Department of Economics (DED) declared in a statement released overnight Monday to Tuesday.

According to this government body, the new circular goes back on a “formerly followed practice” of requiring restaurant owners to put up “curtains or screens” to hide meals from public view. The new rule applies from the first day of Ramadan on Tuesday, as declared the organization .

In recent weeks, Dubai has widely opened its doors to international tourists and eased Covid-19 restrictions on public activities, making the emirate a destination for anyone across the world trying to escape lockdowns.

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