Jay-Z arouses Kenyan Muslims over T-shirt

The famous Jay-Z has sparked controversy in recent days over a T-shirt he was wearing. In the latter, a historic Kenyan mosque was represented. The use of the mosque’s image greatly displeased officials of the place of worship and Kenyans. Indeed, BBC reports that the American designer who made the T-shirt, Zeddie Loky has apologized … Read more

Two UK Muslims Launch Special Hijab For Lawyers

Two young female lawyers from the Doughty Street Human Rights Chambers in England have come together to design and launch a special hijab for lawyers. Regulatory and crime lawyer Karlia Lykourgou and criminal lawyer Maryam Mir launched the hijab after spotting a gap in the market. In June 2020, Karlia launched Ivy & Normanton, the … Read more

Easter in Islam

Easter is a Christian religious holiday where we celebrate, according to Christian dogma, the resurrection of Jesus. In Islam, Easter is not celebrated, it is even in contradiction with Muslim beliefs. To sum up, no Easter in Islam. Jesus in Islam To talk about Easter we have to talk about Jesus and how he is … Read more

April Fool’s Day in Islam

For decades people have developed their imaginations to lie every year on April 1st, or what we call April fool’s Day. Is a Muslim allowed to lie on April fool’s Day according to Islam? Lying is forbidden “Haram” in Islam. Muslim and Boukhary report that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said: “It is obligatory for … Read more

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